Crypto Mining: Beginner's Guide

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Ever wanted to make money from your computer while you sleep?

Make your gaming PC work for you!

I cover all the topics you need to know to get started:

  • What are the basic requirements to start mining crypto
  • How can you tell if you have enough computing power
  • How to open your gaming PC safely
  • Where to find the GPU and what does it look like
  • What are all the important cables and components within your PC
  • How to inspect your PCI Express power cables and safely connect them
  • How to install and run the mining operating system
  • How to switch back to normal operation for work, gaming, and personal computing
  • How to get paid, and how often will you be paid
  • How to securely take your withdrawal payments to your wallet and bank account
  • How to add another GPU to increase your profits
  • Common Questions

The guide is top quality with 64 photos and screenshots:

Here is a sample of the quality:

What kind of computer do you need to get started?

  • Any newer gaming PC with at least an Nvidia 3000 Series GPU or AMD 6000 Series GPU
  • Basically, if you have bought your computer since the pandemic, your computer is ready to start mining

Can I use a laptop?

  • You can use a laptop to prove out the concept, but you will soon want to buy a powerful gaming PC - use the profits to pay for it.
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Crypto Mining: Beginner's Guide

0 ratings
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