Crypto Mining: Intermediate Guide

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Build Your First Mining Rig!

Make money mining crypto


Mine crypto currencies at a fraction of the cost and just stack them!

This guide shows you step by step how to build your first legitimate mining rig

I cover all the topics you need to grow your mining operation!

  • Mining Frame selection
  • Important Component Details
    • Motherboard
    • Power Supply
    • GPU Risers
    • PCI E Splitters
    • Multiple GPUs
  • Step by step to build your rig     
  • Install the Motherboard
  • Install the Power Supply               
  • Installing the GPUS
  • Create the OS Disk
  • Configuring the Motherboard
  • First Boot
  • Using the dedicated Mining OS
  • Monitor from your Smartphone
  • Payouts & Getting Paid
  • Airflow, Electrical Breakers, and AMPS
  • Common Questions

The guide is top quality with over 100 photos and screenshots:

Here is a sample of the quality:

I guide you step by step how to build your first rig with easy to follow instructions:

Here the step where I discuss choosing your PCI Strand and cover which gauge is important

Later I show you how to connect them:

I even cover safety and getting the maximum return on your investment.

By the end, you will have this:


If you are serious about crypto mining, this is the critical guide to get you started building serious mining rigs.

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Crypto Mining: Intermediate Guide

0 ratings
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